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Welcome to Vain Bastards
This is a MOCKING rating community but rather then based on looks solely, you must be a BASTARD(the smart ass kind) and we have to like you. Anyone can comment but only accepted members are allowed to vote.

Complete this Survey

You must use an lj-cut for the whole survey. In future posts, you may post one picture and some text. But for an application PLEASE use an lj-cut. Or you will automatically be denied.
(please put application in the subject box)
1.Your name (we judge by names too there are enough KRISTENS in this world)
2.Your age (if your old, forget it)
3.Your Location (you need to live somewhere cool)
4.Occupation(if you sell vacuums.....you shouldnt even be on this site)
5.Hair color(if your hair reminds you of puke. you should go fight yourself to the death)
6.Top five fav bands of all time (and no NSYNC is not a band)(ps if you put story of the year or AFI in here, ill personally, KICK your ass)
7.Top five fav Movies (dude- if we hate your movies, we hate YOU)
8. Cookies or brownies?
9.T or F: "I hate diet cherry coke"
10. wikkedy wack or the regular type?
11. Are you a hot guy? (you better be)
12. Lush or not lush?
13. Voiped or arrowed?
14. What is your favorite word?

Please insert 3 or more pictures of your hot self. And it best be good quality. Otherwise forget it.

Tell us a joke. if we "LAUGH OUT LOUD" youre a shoe in.

About this Community

This is not just a mock rating community. We want it to be active, crazy, and FUNNY. If you are not a Livejournal whore- DO NOT BOTHER APPLYING !!!

We will have a weekly theme chosen by taking a poll.
  • You will basically choose a word and the moderators will decide which word the theme will be based upon.
  • Once decided members can submit poems, drawings, photos, stories, or anything related to that word. It must be entertaining.

    If you are already a stamped memeber, you can always post pictures, or poems, or drawings or anything at anytime. cause we love you. If you are not stamped, hahahahha, you suck.

    Your moderators:

    Shiri wonderwall178
    Sarah recklesscow

    What you could possibly recieve:

    This means, you are batted. AKA- Voiped. in other words.... get your BUTT outta here. You are NOT wanted.

    This means, you are arrowed. Plainly and simply, we want you and your bod!!!!
  • 80's, accents, acoustic guitar, alice in wonderland, american history x, angelina jolie, anticon, apathy, art, atmosphere, ayn rand, badly drawn boy, ballet dancers, bcbg, beatles, beauty, beulah, black, blind melon, blood brothers, blues traveler, blur, boys, brandon boyd, bush, cake, california rolls, cameras, candles, captain morgan, cherry coke, chop sticks, cotton candy, culture, digital cameras, disney, doors, drama, drawing, ebay, edward norton, elo, eric clapton, eyes, feeder, films, fire, flirting, getting massages, ginger ale, glamour, glasses, glitter, good books, green tea icecream, gucci, gum, hookah, inatimate objects, incubus, j crew, japanese, journals, journey, kevin, kevin spacey, knives, kurt vonnegut, lace, lantana, led zeppelin, lenny kravtiz, les miserables, liat, lilacs, lip gloss, lips, literature, lost prophets, lounges, lucky charms, mac, manic street preachers, manicures, maroon, marvin gaye, memories, mermaids, mighty mighty bosstones, money, muse, music, nail polish, nibbling, nietzsche, oasis, ocean, opal, outkast, painting, phantom of the opera, photography, piano, pictures of feet, pictures of hands, presidents of the usa, pretzels, radiohead, rem, requiem for a dream, rice, rings, showers, simon and garfunkel, skittles, sushi, the dandy warhols, the emperors new groove, the libertines, the mars volta, the sea, the sky, the sun, the trees, the verve, the wallflowers, the who, theatre, theatre dorks, thrice, thursday, tiffanys, toe rings, tom petty, tongue rings, true love, turkey, web design, wilco, wine, wit, writing, writing poetry, yes, yorkies