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1.Your name (we judge by names too there are enough KRISTENS in this world) Kerry
2.Your age (if your old, forget it) 17
3.Your Location (you need to live somewhere cool) Tampa, Florida.
4.Occupation(if you sell shouldnt even be on this site) I did work at a coffee shop for about a year, but fuck that..
5.Hair color(if your hair reminds you of puke. you should go fight yourself to the death) Naturally, its blonde, blech. Right now it's dark brown.
6.Top five fav bands of all time (and no NSYNC is not a band)(ps if you put story of the year or AFI in here, ill personally, KICK your ass) <B>Not In Order: </B> the Blood Brothers, Atreyu, Queen, the Clash, Killswitch Engage
7.Top five fav Movies (dude- if we hate your movies, we hate YOU)
<B>Again, Not In Order: </B> Donnie Darko, Amelie, Requiem for a Dream, Office Space, Fight Club.
8. Cookies or brownies? Hmm.. does the brownie have nuts? What kinda cookie? Mmm.. food is evil.
9.T or F: "I hate diet cherry coke" I don't <i>hate</i> it, I'd just prefer not to have that shitty taste in my mouth, that's all..
10. wikkedy wack or the regular type? I'm both. Everyone says I'm "Spastic".
11. Are you a hot guy? (you better be) I wish. I'd never leave my room, I'd be jacking off all day. Oh wait.. I alrea--- erm...
12. Lush or not lush? A little from column A, a little from column B.. Who knows, I maybe just be drunk right now.
13. Voiped or arrowed? Arrowed
14. What is your favorite word? Asshat, or Indeed.

Please insert 3 or more pictures of your hot self. And it best be good quality. Otherwise forget it.

Tell us a joke. if we "LAUGH OUT LOUD" youre a shoe in.

Did you hear about the blonde that bought the AM radio? took her 2 weeks to figure out you could play it at night.


blah, I suck at jokes.

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